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        Later we shall also present over a period of time domains with the .tel extension which may need thoughtful intervention of a different kind from you!


        Once again later we shall present a list of domains for outright purchase. It is all intermingled, isn’t it?


        Certain Dash Com domain names are for sale. Please visit DASHCOMDOMAINS.


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        For some extraordinary reason, we offer the following also.

Samudra Manthan

The times, they are a’churning


        Thoughtful intervention implies that you may decide to go for adverts on them or purchase one or more of the domains straightaway. However, they may not be for sale! Please check up with us for any. Currently, entire websites are not being sold.. (..now, wait a minute!..) .. Once again, check up with us if you really have a solid offer and you are sure that you would do justice to the domain name (for your own sake, for the sake of the internet surfing junta / public). The list mentioned above may get populated. So revisit every few days*. You can be a frequent visitor* (we certainly don’t mind) and enjoy related videos, tweets, news. We may offer more features.


        For the .tel domains, thoughtful intervention invariably implies that we would be willing to grant you (for a price, ahem) a page on them if you relate with the website on that domain. Visit .tel Web Page Pricing.


So wish us all the best and let’s see how things develop.


Thanks for stopping by.


Sandeep Vij

Email: point@etherdomains.com

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________ (coming soon here but already elsewhere on this site!)

Janak Puri

New Delhi




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* Revisit every few days if you feel like. Please read Disclaimer also.

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